Buckley Heritage Trail – A Past Like No Other

Visit the vibrant town of Buckley in Flintshire today. Explore and unearth the town's engrossing history when taking on their stunning heritage trail! Click here to find out more.

Greenfield Valley Heritage Park – Adventure Awaits

Explore and unearth the hidden secrets and yesteryears in Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, Holywell, Flintshire. This hidden gem is a one of a kind, perfect for family days out and those of you seeking adventure.

Visit Connah’s Quay and share in this towns historic past

Connah’s Quay, also known as The Quay, is the largest town in Flintshire and resides along the beautiful solemn River Dee. Connah’s Quay is home to the riveting Wepre Park, a nature park to explore with a kaleidoscope of untold natural beauty accompanied by mesmerizing historic builds such […]

Visit Talacre – Long Sandy Beaches and Sand Dunes

Talacre is a small but large in life village in Flintshire residing along the North Wales coast. This picturesque hamlet is home to the remarkable Point of Ayr Lighthouse which is not only accompanied by sandy beaches and celestial vistas but also an inspiring history waiting to be revealed.