Nant-y-Ffrith – Bordering on Beautiful

Separating the two counties of Flintshire and Wrexham is the beautiful stream and walking route of Nant-y-Ffrith. Known for its solitude, natural beauty and breath-taking scenery, this locally-loved waterway and trek is truly a sight to be seen. This unique site is one of great beauty and hidden treasures, ideal for all adventurers and explorers out there.

With countless mysteries just waiting to be uncovered, including dark, villainous caves surrounded by sparkling fresh water from the streams and adjoining three-tier cascading waterfalls, this trail will reconnect you with nature, transporting you to a whole new world and a land unknown.

Loved and cherished by many, including tourists and residents alike, this nature haven is an escape from the norm, throwing you into an unexpected wonderland full of character and vibrancy.

Your trail time and walking distance will vary depending on where you start your adventure.

Traditionally, explorers begin their journey at Bwlchgwyn war memorial in Wrexham. Starting your voyage at Bwlchgwyn provides you with ample free parking and the chance to explore the highest village in wales.

This circular route takes approximately 3 hours to complete at a leisurely pace and stretches over a 5.0 mile span. With facilities and attractions including rivers, canals, bridges, vast farmland and fantastic historic finds, including the whimsical 19th century viaduct reclaimed by nature, great views and long lasting memories are more than guaranteed!

Home to various forms of wildlife and enchanting forestry, Nant-y-Ffrith makes a wonderful day out for families and individualists seeking a new sensation.

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Uncover the many hidden secrets and enigmas surrounding this hidden gem today and lose yourself in a luscious green paradise if only for a day.

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Nant y Ffrith : Roman Lead Mines & Waterfalls – North Wales by Trekker on YouTube

Nant-y-Ffrith Upper Waterfall by Sustainable Days Out on YouTube

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CometoWales Website