Flintshire Leisure Tour – Flintshire’s Golden Circle

Flintshire is the ever-green county located in North-East Wales, home to numerous sights, scenery and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Overflowing with life, character and a jam-packed former history bound to leave you in awe, this one-of-a-kind shire houses attractions like no other.

With so many interesting features on offer, including but not limited to; countless castles, sites of worship and interest accompanied by a myriad of shopping outlets and natural beauty, finding a place to begin your journey can be an overwhelming task.

To make your leisure time in North Wales the best it can be, Flintshire County Council have carefully crafted a detailed Flintshire Leisure Tour brochure, allowing more time for exploration and less time for stress.

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Mold Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Holywell

Your journey begins at Mold, a quaint and welcoming hamlet home to unique local-run businesses, vibrant markets, ancient historic monuments and yearly festivals celebrating the town, its food and its ever-fascinating history.

Once you have uncovered all of the hidden secrets Mold has to offer, including their established theatre, Theatr Clwyd and its castle turned peaceful walkway, you can then make your way to your next destination, Holywell.

Holywell, a technicolour market town full of charm and animation is a borough famed for its bewitching architecture, landscapes and renowned sites of worship.

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Holywell Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Llanasa

On your way from Holywell to Lanasa, you will be greeted by scenic views that stretch for miles. Along your route you will find mighty, towering mountains, sandy shores and fascinating pit stops eagerly waiting your arrival.

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Llanasa Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Caerwys

Your drive to Caerwys from Llanasa is the turning point of your journey, literally.

Caerwys is the quaint but passionate settlement home to countless local businesses and enthralling walkways showcasing the village’s rural natural beauty.

Lose yourself completely when exploring the unknown.

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Caerwys Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Cilcain

Before leaving Caerwys, make sure to grab a refreshment and snack before hitting the road at one of their numerous delightful pubs, cafes and eateries, including the welcoming On the Corner Cafe and ever-popular pub, The Piccadilly Inn.

Although Cilcain is a small and peaceful community, delve deeper and you will uncover the countless hidden gems and treasure troves this mystery of a village has to offer; including, beautiful enigmas around every corner when investigating Millennium Woods.

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Cilcain Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Nercwys

Once you have finished traversing the sights and scenery on display at Cilcain, your next destination is Nercwys, a town surrounded by nature and greenery.

Nercwys is perfect for those looking to escape the fast pace life has to offer, granting visitors the rare luxury of solitude and the freedom of the Welsh wilderness.

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Nercwys Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Caergwrle

Of course, once you are finished braving the Welsh wildes, you can take shelter in one of the village’s comfortable eateries, allowing you to unwind, relax and reflect on the day.

Caergwrle, like many other fascinating hamlets and boroughs found within the county of Flintshire, is home to the remains of a once magnificent build. These castle ruins are said to date back to 1277 and were built by one of Wales’ most prominent princes, Dafydd ap Gruffudd.

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Caergwrle Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Hawarden

Form one castle to another, after leaving Caergwrle and following the designated route, you will find yourself at the humble village of Hawarden.

This strategically placed settlement is one of grandeur beauty and a history worth uncovering.

With not one, but two castles located within this community, accompanied by an out-of-this-world gothic library and spectacular church taboot, Hawarden is a colourful village with sights and scenery to impress.

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Hawarden Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Flint

Only a stone’s throw away is your next sought-after location, Flint. Flint is the bustling seaside town found along the famed River Dee estuary. Once again known for its former history and outstanding architectural designs, this impressive hotspot provides you with an array of attractions and entertainment perfect for all ages.

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Flint Come To Wales Arrow Flintshire Leisure Tour Mold

Your journey ends where it all started, at the quaint but thriving town of Mold.

With the opportunity to traverse Bailey Hill, shop at Mold’s timeless street markets and treat yourself to fine dining at one of the towns tasteful eateries.

Once you have shopped, toured and eaten to your heart’s content, your Flintshire Leisure Tour is complete!

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