Beaufort Park Hotel – Ready, Steady, Relax

Live in luxury when staying at the timeless Beaufort Park Hotel in Buckley, North Wales.

This effortless hostelry is home to over 100 regal rooms awaiting your arrival, some examples including;

  • The deluxe apartment at the heart of the Beaufort Park Hotel equipped with a kitchen, inviting double bedroom and elegant twin chamber
  • Multiple generous family rooms, perfect for those of you looking to escape to the beautiful Welsh countryside with your loved ones
  • An ornate executive suite accompanied by a gorgeous washroom encompassing a lavish double bath equipped with fine robes and a spacious lounge area
  • Numerous classy, comfort inspired twin rooms situated on the first and ground floor
  • Copious double bedrooms that can be upgraded to a romantic getaway package where a fine bottle of wine and first-class chocolates

With countless activates and local attractions to explore and uncover, you can make the most of your holiday down-time in North Wales when resting and relaxing at the conveniently placed Beaufort Park Hotel.

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Start the beginning on your new adventure today and book your own luxurious room by visiting the Beaufort Park Hotel website here.

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Address: Mold Rd, Buckley, New Brighton, Mold CH7 6RQ

Telephone: 01352 758646


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CometoWales Website
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